The Sonoma Chainless D-Drive System:
Advanced Technology for a Better Ride

Sonoma Chainless Bicycle - D-Drive SystemPowering the newest trend in chainless bicycling - The Sonoma Chainless D-Drive System.Tens of thousands of people are already doing it. And now you’re about to discover how going chainless makes owning – and riding – a bicycle easier and more fun. By joining the chainless evolution, you’ll never have to stop and fix a slipped chain again.You’ll never get dirty climbing off or on your bike.And you’ll never have to spend another beautiful afternoon cleaning, lubricating or changing a bike chain instead of riding your bike.

By choosing a Sonoma chainless bicycle, all those issues become a thing of the past. Quite simply, our innovative chainless system replaces the parts of a bike that cause the most problems – the chain and derailleur. Which leaves you with a more reliable – and more enjoyable – bike.

Join the thousands of people who have said goodbye to torn, messy clothing. Unnecessary safety concerns. And the time and hassle of all that maintenance.

Say hello to the Sonoma chainless evolution today.

Sonoma Chainless Bicycles - Chainless D-drive SystemHow It Performs
The technologically advanced design of the Sonoma's Chainless D-Drive system helps make bike riding more enjoyable. In addition to eliminating the fuss and mess of a chain, the Chainless D-Drive provides other advantages over a chain that include:

  • Compact performance The Chainless D-Drive system is compact, taking up less overall space on the bike.
  • Safety The Chainless D-Drive system eliminates any danger of clothing or fingers being caught in the chain or sprockets.
  • Durability The Chainless D-Drive's internal drive shaft is less likely to sustain damage from falls and road debris.
  • Less maintenance Because the Chainless D-Drive system is protected from external elements it doesn't need the ongoing cleaning, lubrication and "check ups" that a chain-driven bike typically requires.
  • Weather protection While a chain is continually exposed to rain, mud, and other weather-related conditions, Chainless D-Drive is protected from the elements.
  • Cleanliness Unlike a chain, the lubrication for the Chainless D-Drive is contained within a sealed crank, shaft rod and gear housing. Therefore, with the Chainless D-Drive system you don't need to worry about staining clothing or hands.
  • Longer life The Chainless D-Drive system has a significantly longer life than that of a chain. In fact, the Chainless D-Drive carries a warranty for the life of your bike.

Sonoma Chainless Bicycle - How It Works
The Sonoma Chainless D-Drive uses a drive shaft to transmit power from the bike pedals to the rear wheel. This drive shaft employs a fully-enclosed bevel gear system made of a lightweight, yet highly durable, aluminum alloy. Shimano internal gears within the rear wheel enable the Chainless D-Drive system to deliver smooth, quiet performance while optimizing pedaling efficiency. A Shimano "twist and go" gear system provides easy, responsive gear shifting operated at the hand grip. So there's no more grasping for hard to reach gear shift levers!

Technical Specifications

The Chainless D-Drive direct drive system

  • Machine milled aluminum alloy construction
  • Fully enclosed beveled gear system
  • 18" drive shaft
  • Lifetime warranty

Shimano Nexus Internal
3-speed Gear Hub

  • 3-speed
  • Shifting Power Modulator
  • Internal BrakeCoaster
  • Steel Hub Shell
  • Corrosion Resist Coating
  • Gear Ratio: 186% total, 1:0.733, 2:1, 3:1.36
  • Axle Length (mm) 168/178/175
  • Weight: 1,120g
  • Gear Change Support

Shimano Nexus Internal
7-speed Gear Hub

  • 7-speed
  • Shifting Power Modulator
  • Aluminum Hub Shell
  • Corrosion Resist Coating
  • Gear Ratio: 1: 0.632, 2: 0741, 3:0843, 4: 0.989, 5: 1.145, 6: 1.335, 7: 1.545
  • Axle Length (mm): 182mm
  • Weight: 1,465g

Shimano Nexus REVOSHIFT

  • Twist Shifting Action
  • Full Range Shift Action
  • 3 and 7 speed models
  • Dial-Type Optical Gear Display
  • Stainless Steel SL Inner Cable
  • 3-Speed: 2 Gear Shifts with a Single Stroke
  • 7-Speed: 6 Gear Shifts with a Single Stroke
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